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Vata Renovations is the best full-service home improvement contractor in the Toronto area. We will not only transform your house into the beautiful home you’ve always wanted. We will also provide the best quality service with a smile. Here at Vata, we listen to our clients, and make sure we deliver exactly what our clients ask for quickly. We will never push you to invest more than your budget, and will never try to convince you that we know what better for you. We care about you being happy in your home for years to come.

We understand that renovations can be expensive. Honest and openness are important to us here at Vata Renovations. When we give an estimate, we stick to it, and let you know of any expected charges that may come up so you don’t get any surprises with your bill. We respect the vision you have your home, and will create it at a price you can afford.

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No matter what sort of improvements you want to make for your home, Vata can deliver the improvements you desire with the speed and professional service that will cause you the least amount of inconvenience. With years of experience in the field of home renovations, we know all the tricks in the business that can help you get the results you want at a lower price than you ever thought possible!

We have the experience necessary for the most complex alterations in every part of the home. We have renovated bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, backyards, and porches. If you want it, we can find a way to create it! We are detail-oriented and have the highest expectations for ourselves, so you won’t be left months later finding imperfections that you can’t stop staring at for years.

We are fully licensed, with years of experience in build and renovating. All of our workers are approved by us, and we only use licensed subcontractors we know and trust, whose work we know to be of the highest quality. We understand that we are guests inside your home where you currently live and care about your comfort and would never send a person to your home who is going to make your feel uncomfortable or leave a mess. As a small company, you deal directly with us, with no phone operators or annoying sales people located in another country who have never seen your home. We even clean up our mess when we’re done!

We use high quality construction materials. We want your renovations to last a lifetime, and will do the work to make sure that you are happy for decades to come. We help you apply for any necessary permits and make sure that all our construction is up to code. We stick by you from start to finish, from planning, to ordering materials, to any inspection corrections that may be required.

We refuse to stop working until you are satisfied. Because of the quality of our work and the level of caring for customers, we often get repeat clients who ask us to renovated their bedroom after we do their kitchen. When our work is completed, you will no longer have to live in a home that make you unhappy, and you will have a contractor for life.

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