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A frame forms the skeleton of a house. It gives a house its shape. When it is done properly, it will provide the necessary support needed for your home. However, weak framing despite the amount of finishes you apply, they will only hide the flaws and soon your home structure may come done crumbling. While the practices of building modern stud wall framing have not changed much in the last decades, the tools used and the materials have certainly improved.

house-framing-vataHowever, with the modern tools and materials, they may not guarantee a strong house framing. You can only build a strong framing with help of a skilled carpentry. Even with perfectly plastered walls, if the framing isn’t strong, the walls will start cracking every time the door slams or the granite countertops may begin to fall out of level.

One of the biggest mistakes contractors and homeowners make it taking shortcuts in framing. Vata Renovations has a team of builders capable of designing and building house framing of the best standards and strength. We have the skill and experience to build framing structures that are sturdy and stiff.

You don’t want to be sorry of a weak structure, and that’s why you should only deal with experienced builders. When designing and building the framing structure, we ensure the right size nails are used. There are codes, which specify what length, girth, or number of nails should be used particularly in the critical joints. Also, a nail head that sinks too deep right into the wood may not be able to pull its full weight, therefore, we ensure there is no overdrive.

When framing, spacing the studs, joists, and rafters allows a solid support to panel ends. We use quality materials that are less likely to twist and warp. Our builders have a long-standing experience in designing and building framing structures for homes and other properties.

We ensure that every step of framing is adhered to properly for a sturdy structure. Contact us today and we will discuss about your project to determine what is needed and how best we can handle it. Our team will handle your framing project from start to finish without any hiccups. We know the importance of communication and that’s why we involve you in every step of the framing and other construction work.

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